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The Local Transportation Facilities Section (LTF) oversees the development of a variety of type of projects which, for the most part, have a high degree of local focus with municipalities managing the development  and construction. Exceptions are projects for state-owned park and ride facilities and a number of bicycle and pedestrian endeavors, which are developed by LTF staff.   LTF technical staff is assigned to work with, and support, the municipalities in the development of projects while providing oversight and guidance to ensure projects are developed in accordance with applicable design standards and federal and state regulations. Projects can reach into every area of transportation such as: development of scenic byway management corridor plans and other improvements to byways, stormwater improvement projects, development of bicycle and pedestrian facilities along with educational outreach, Safe Routes to School education and infrastructure improvements, municipal park and ride facilities, bridge improvements, roadway and intersection improvements, and a variety of transportation enhancements.   


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